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Thank you for choosing TOCON, LTD painting services.

TOCON LTD company offer an excellent quality painting services: spray with lacquer trim, baseboard, inside or outside doors, railings and caps; painting interior walls, ceilings, floors; do stain on the wood like outside doors, inside doors (barn doors), railings, fireplace area; painting exterior walls (stucco), garage doors etc.
TOCON LTD PAINTING EXPERIENCE. Our professional team in painting business more than 10years, we did various projects from small to huge buildings, from easy to very difficult jobs, but we are not afraid for any painting project. Our mission - to leave every painted house/building with a smile on client face! Always trying to do our best, using our experience, good tools, supplies etc.

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  • TOCON LTD Calgary Quality Painting Services


    Replacing trim, doors, baseboard. Spraying with lacquer trim, baseboards, inside/outside doors, railings, caps, shelves. Staining barn doors, outside doors, railings. Doing touch up for the walls. Spraying or repsraying kitchen units. Repainting walls, ceilings. Clean up everything after finish coat.[...]

  • TOCON LTD Calgary Quality Painting Services2


    Painting first coat on the walls with primer paint. Spraying lacquer on trim, baseboards, railings, doors, caps, shelves. Sanding walls and doing touch ups. Painting another two coats on the walls with Dulux Lifestyle paint. Clean up after finish coat.[...]


We offer general painting services for one price per sq, which include paint, first coat wall primer, spray trim and inside doors, painting walls two coats with touch up:


We provide FREE painting services estimate for our clients in 24hours. Just please send us an email with your request or address and we will come to check everything, will give FREE consultation. [...]


We always have something special for our clients. We can't guarantee for you a good weather, but we definitely can guarantee a good price for our painting services, a good job, excellent finish, clean after painting services and a big smile on your face, when it will be done!. [...]


  • Calgary Interior Painting Services


    INTERIOR PAINTING SERVICES / Painting walls and ceilings with roller and paintbrush. Can be various areas. Using latex paint Benjamin Moore, Dulux, General Paint.TOCON

  • Calgary Exterior Painting Services


    CALGARY EXTERIOR PAINTING SERVICES / Painting exterior walls (stucco, wood), garage doors or other.TOCON

  • Calgary Spray Lacquer services


    CALGARY SPRAY PAINTING SERVICES / Usually, we recommend our clients to spray trim, inside doors, shelves, railings, caps etc. with oil based lacquer, because it has more slippery surface after finish coat, than water based lacquer and it's easier to clean.TOCON

  • Calgary Stain Wood services


    CALGARY STAINING WOOD/CUSTOM PAINTING SERVICES / Whatever client wants to paint, we can try to do our best, as we can. Also doing stain on barn doors, exterior doors, tables or other details/parts.TOCON

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